I have a FREE 15-minute meditation to listen to in bed.

Let me help. I promise it won't get weird.


"The Calm and Cozy Book of Sleep is easily

the most helpful book I have ever read.

I actually began using what I had learned on the

very first night after reading it.”

“This book exceeded every expectation.

I didn't put it down feeling unsatisfied or like

I needed to do more research. I put the book down ready to employ the techniques in my own life.”

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Master the art of falling asleep & finally experience freedom

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Annoyingly creative, painfully introverted,

and pretty much always ready for a nap.

(Does it get any more exciting than this!?)

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"Beth's podcast has been a godsend for my sleep,

and her book is more of the same tips and sensible wisdom delivered with humor,

wrapped in a gorgeous package."

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"I love listening to Beth talk about cozy bedtime things.

She is warm, funny, and makes it all so simple."