If bedtime isn't the most peaceful part of your day


hey there!

I'm Beth Wyatt. Or Sleep Coach Beth.

Podcaster, author, epic napper, introvert, and artist.

The people in my life would describe me as always up for a dance party, but also the first one most likely ready for bed.


If you’re looking to prioritize sleep and self-care without compromising your busy schedule,

I'm your girl!

If you’re like most women, you want to make rest a priority, but you can’t turn off your busy mind when your head finally hits the pillow.

You’ve done everything right when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, and you pay attention to sleep hygiene. (You've even made your own lavender pillow spray!) But when it comes to waking up feeling ready to face the day… Well, let’s just say you just feel like crawling back into bed.

Even if you did fall asleep and manage to stay asleep all night, you know it would be a fluke, because when does sleep ever feel like anything but a struggle?

It can be easier, and I can help.

calm & cozy
book of sleep
Rest + Dream + Live

"The Calm and Cozy Book of Sleep is the perfect place to begin your journey towards understanding sleep and its importance in your life, offering some simple techniques that can be tried anywhere, anytime and encourages you to love the health giving beauty of a good nights sleep."

(Blue Wolf Reviews)

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 Your sleep doesn't need to be fixed. 

You already have, and are, everything you need to fall asleep at night and experience deep, restful sleep.

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Your roadmap to falling asleep naturally, unassisted, and intuitively.





Practical advice for anyone looking for safe and natural relief from insomnia symptoms, racing thoughts, and bedtime anxiety. You will also find countless conversations about general sleep topics, self-care, and stress relief.

"Beth's podcast has been a godsend for my sleep,

and her book is more of the same tips and sensible wisdom delivered with humour,

wrapped in a gorgeous package."

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dealing with

bedtime stressors