Can I be completely honest with you?

Going into 2022, my intention is to be present in fewer places at once, not more. 

I’ve been wanting a space where I can settle into a community and do two of my favourite things - creating and connecting. Freedom From Insomnia is that space. ⁣

This spring, the membership site I co-created with Derek Lacey, The Life Coach for Insomniacs, becomes real. We’ve been working on this passion project against some really difficult odds over the past year. Although we announced a launch a few times in the past months, we didn’t want to push anything before we were ready and I’m glad we didn’t.


Now is the perfect time for this community.⁣

Freedom From Insomnia is where you’ll find me this year, and I know that many of you have been longing for a space like this too. A safe community where you can come as you are and feel understood while we do some really important life-changing work together.⁣

If leaving your insomnia behind would create the space you need to make 2022 your best year, I’m really confident that the community we’ve created is the place for you.