You're like my sleep

fairy godmother!

Great for peaceful listening. 

Informative and entertaining

in short bursts! Love it.


Listening to Beth feels like listening to a dear old friend.

Her advice is always kind and to the point. Sometimes she’s reminding you of common sense advice and other times she’s introducing you to new things you never thought to try!

Some podcasts claim to be all about relaxation, calming the mind, etc.

and the minute I turn them on I start to cringe... I was pleasantly surprised by this podcast, and the demeanor of the host is excellent. 

Congratulations on a lovely podcast!


I am so grateful that I happened to discover Beth’s podcast. As a longtime and hardcore insomniac, I’m determined to follow her advice and tips for turning this around. I love Beth’s common sense approach and her sense of humor. Zzzzzzz!




Search for "CALM + COZY" in any podcast app, or click on the links below:


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Spring photos of Beth by Melissa McCallum Photography

Winter photos of Beth by Rae Connell Photography