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Hi! I'm Beth.


I help women calm the eff down so they can get the sleep they so badly need. I am Certified in Sleep Sciences and Life Coaching, and I'm passionate about all the ways sleep can improve our lives.

I'm a sleep specialist and influencer, and I'm standing out in the sleep industry with my unique message and voice.


In the two years I've been in business, I've already partnered with successful brands, attracted media attention, and have built an engaged social media following.

My little sleep podcast hit 75,000 downloads after one year, and I'm just getting started. 

As well as advocating for rest, self-care and stress management, I'm an artist, photographer, blogger, and trained graphic designer.


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on Instagram

My Instagram following is growing daily, and although my numbers are in the low thousands, my followers engage with me and enjoy my content.

74% of my audience is women, and the biggest percentage is aged 25-44.

Sleep Coach Beth
on Pinterest

Every product review and podcast episode is posted to a Pinterest board where I have 2,300 average monthly views.

My audience is 84% female, ranging in age from 18-44.

Sleep Coach Beth

on Facebook

I have approximately 1,300 Facebook followers on my business page, and my posts are shared often by other wellness professionals.

My audience is 97% female, located all across the globe.

THE calm+cozy PODCAST


     35 COUNTRIES    

"Since I found your podcast I've been hooked!"

"I love that you infuse real life AND humor. You have a new #1 fan!"

"You're like my sleep fairy godmother."

"OMG! I love your podcast! Pure info-tainment!"

sponsorship packages

Want me to talk about your product in a podcast ad? You write the main points you want to be mentioned in the ad, and I'll write it into my own words.

You'll also get a sponsor shout-out on Instagram during the week the episode is live.

30-Second Pre-Roll Ad
(After the intro, before the episode)

$50 CDN

60-Second Mid-Roll Ad
(Half-way through episode)

$75 CDN


You send a product you think I would like, and I'll use it.


You pay shipping fees, I pay duty fees, if any.

If I like it, a review will be written + posted in 3 places. 

Package Includes:

1 product review blog post
blog post pinned to Pinterest + Facebook

review summary on Instagram with 2 photos

$150 CDN


Tax will be applied to all Canadian sponsorship packages.

a few things first...

Sponsorship fees are paid up-front by PayPal invoice, and packages start on the 1st and 15th of the month. 


I cannot guarantee results from any ad or post. I will do my best to share your awesome product with my tribe, and it's up to them to check it out.

Sponsorship packages are non-refundable.

I don't review products for free, so if you send me something without buying a sponsorship package, you do so at your own cost and risk.


I only endorse products I like and believe in. If it's not my thing, but it's still a good product, I will give the positive attributes that could work for someone else.


All reviews will be written in my style of writing. I can be silly sometimes, and often sarcastic. Please read my other reviews on my blog if you're particular. I'm not super professional, but I always keep it classy.


Podcast episodes are often recorded and scheduled in-advance. Your ads might not appear in current episodes, but I will try to record them in an episode within 4 weeks of payment. I will let you know which episode(s) they are to appear in ahead of time.



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