listen in bed

calm racing thoughts

fall asleep faster

relieve insomnia symptoms

learn to relax

ease bedtime anxiety

Feel safe and warm and loved in your bed with this 15-minute sleep meditation. I help you relax for the first ten minutes then leave you with peaceful music for the last five.

You don't have anywhere else you need to be. You don't have anything else you need to do, but be here, present with your breath... cozy in your bed.

The Bedtime Thinker's Playlist is a collection of sleep audio tracks that address bedtime anxiety,

racing thoughts, and feelings of safety and comfort.

All meditations are performed by Beth Wyatt, Insomnia Coach, Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher,

and host of the CALM+COZY Podcast.


Every track includes relaxing background music that extends for several minutes past the verbal part of the meditation, and gradually fades to silence so you can drift off to sleep naturally, or be ready to.



After purchase, you will have two download options - You will be redirected to a page with a download button, and you will receive an email with the same. You have 72 hours to access the file, so please download it to your device(s) as soon as possible. The file can be saved to your phone, your laptop, or your computer.

Once you find the downloaded file, click on it to give your device the different apps and options to play it. If there isn't an app available, the audio file will still be playable on its own.

You can listen to the sleep audio with headphones or without. I suggest playing it a lower volume as to not disrupt you if you fall asleep before it's over. 

Image by Joseph Gonzalez
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Spring & fall photos of Beth by Melissa McCallum Photography

Winter photos of Beth by Rae Connell Photography

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