I Tried A Lavender Scented Foam Pillow!

When asked how I felt about memory foam, my former response would have been a disgusted face followed by a noise that resembled a cross between UGH! and EW! My past experience with a memory foam block disguised as “the most comfortable pillow I’ll ever own” was alarmingly similar to resting my head on a toaster and being surprised when I woke up with neck pain.

Then Zoned Dough happened.

When The Back Store contacted me about trying one of their pillows, I was eager to say the least. Boasting "The largest selection of Tempur-Pedic & Sealy Optimum mattresses, pillows & accessories," if The Back Store couldn’t find me the perfect pillow, I was doomed!

I recently switched from being a side-sleeper to sleeping on my back, and with that change came better sleep, but at the same time my pillow needs changed. I trusted the professionals to choose the pillow for me, and a short time later, I was holding a purple pillow called Malouf Zoned Dough Lavender that was covered with dozens of little holes that reminded me of swiss cheese, if swiss cheese was purple.

At first sight I knew it was memory foam, but at first squish I knew this pillow was different.

The larger holes in the center of the pillow are designed to cradle the head, and the smaller holes around the edges are for neck support. When I sleep, my head falls to the right, and I usually wake up holding my neck and demanding an appointment with my chiropractor. This pillow was soft enough that my head sunk in to it (unlike sleeping on a toaster or a cement curb), but it was firm enough to keep my head in place. It was also surprisingly soft for a memory foam pillow! Made of Zoned Dough memory foam, I couldn’t stop squishing it and making everyone in my house do the same.

“Feel this pillow.” I would say. “It’s memory foam AND IT’S SOFT!”

They all agreed, and some gave me surprised Imagine that! faces.

The pillow came with a lavender spray, which I used on everything in sight (best smelling chocolate lab in town!), and its own cover made of Tencel mesh, which is a temperature and moisture-regulated eco-friendly fabric. It was brought to my attention (thank you, thoroughly reading the package) that the holes in the pillow also regulate airflow, which is a wonderful quality for modern memory foam. In the past I was waking-up in a pool of my own sweat. (And no, it's not menopause! Shut up!)

I have slept on the Zoned Dough Lavender pillow every night since I received it, and I haven’t had any neck discomfort. I’ve been telling others who had previously lost their faith in memory foam about the magic of Zoned Dough, and I think my aunt is planning a heist to steal my pillow the next time she visits.

Thank you to The Back Store for hooking me up with the only memory foam pillow I’ve ever loved!

If you're in the market for a new pillow, or the perfect pillow, begin your quest by visiting The Back Store's website at https://www.stlbackstore.com

You can buy the dreamy Malouf Zoned Dough Lavender Pillow HERE, and be sure to check out their other pillows, mattresses and accessories!

You can also follow The Back Store on Instagram @the_back_store

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