The World's Smallest Sleep Aid Has a New Biggest Fan

I am no stranger to the world of white noise. I bought my first white noise machine three years ago, after repeatedly trying and failing to sleep through the aggravating sounds outside my bedroom window. Noises such as the revving engine of my neighbour’s old car for at least ten minutes every morning. (He does not win the coveted favourite neighbour award this year.)


White noise drowns out sounds of all frequencies that tend to keep us awake or wake us suddenly in the middle of the night. I have a white noise app on my phone for daytime napping and have been carrying around an extra set of headphones in my purse for that reason. When the need arises, I will happily find a comfortable piece of furniture and a blanket, set an alarm for 25 or 30 minutes, and turn on the app.

I was intrigued by the World’s Smallest Sound Machine because it meant I could take a daytime nap without draining my phone battery, or being disrupted by a sudden message or phone call blasting through the headphones. Not having the bejeezus scared outta me while sleeping happens to be one of my top priorities, so this feature was certainly attractive to me from the get-go.

Having a separate pair of headphones attached to its own source of white noise was something I never knew I needed until I had it.

The World’s Smallest Sound Machine is very small. I can close my sweet little feminine hand around it. It comes with a travel case that is small enough and light enough that I can easily carry it with me in my purse.


So here’s how my daytime nap routine goes now that the World’s Smallest Sound Machine has graced my life. I choose the timer option of 30 minutes, knowing it usually takes me about five minutes to fall asleep. (The options are continuous play or setting the timer for 30, 60, or 90 minutes.) The Sound Machine has 24 sound tracks in it, stored on a micro SD memory card, so more can be added or replaced from the Sound Oasis website. A higher-pitched static works best for me. Nothing fancy.

I put the little rubber headphones into my ears and attach the Sound Machine to my pants pocket with the clip. I cover myself with a nearby blanket or coat, set an alarm on my phone, say goodnight to my nearby people, and fall asleep. As the 30-minute timer mark approaches, the white noise gets quieter until it eventually fades out. By then, I can hear the whiny voices of my coworkers and the alarm on my smart watch (or phone) has vibrated, at which time I begin the process of getting un-cranky before returning to my daily activities.

Since first receiving the Sound Machine, I haven’t had to charge it. Fifteen hours of battery life is pretty impressive, and I clearly haven’t met my fifteen hour napping quota yet. When the time finally comes to recharge, there's a short USB cable which fits nicely inside the travel case when not in use.

The World’s Smallest Sound Machine has quickly become one of my favourite sleep aids, and now I won’t nap or sleep away from home without it.

I'm curious to see if the website has a white noise audio track that sounds like my neighbour's car being towed away to a junk yard while he weeps quietly by the side of the road. I would pay extra for that.

Buy your World's Smallest Sound Machine here or at

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