Sleeep Revolutionary Earplugs - My Review

I’ve been an earplug wearer for a few years. I’m a light sleeper, and I hear EVERYTHING. My bedroom is at the front of the house, so I hear the front door close on the main level below. I also hear every car that comes and goes from our townhouse complex. I hear the toilet flush down the hall, and the siren down the street. If you have a message for me in the middle of the night, no matter where you live, just step outside your front door and yell it at me. I'll hear it.

It took me a few tries to find a shape of earplug that worked for me, and I settled on the orange traffic cone looking things that are sold in drugstores for under $5. I am proof that Facebook ads work, because when the ad for Flare Audio’s Sleeep Revolutionary Earplugs popped-up in my feed, I was intrigued.

I admit I didn’t buy the first time I visited the website. The aluminum earplugs with memory foam tips were $50 Canadian dollars, and it was a far cry from $5 for a set of 12. At the same time, back in my bedroom I was getting frustrated with my cheap earplugs falling out of my ears in the middle of the night. I was also waking-up with occasional sharp ear pain.


So, I did it. I paid the $50 and ordered the fancy set. I received them about two weeks ago, and have worn them every night since. And I’m a fan.

We’ve packed our Noise Blocking technology into an earplug that has a core less than half the size of its predecessor (Snoozers®). We block sound using metal, rather than absorb sound like traditional foam earplugs. It’s slimmer core and more ergonomic shape means it’s much easier to fit and remove for the smallest ear canals. The metal core has been rounded to aid fitment and offers a more discreet fit.

Sleeep earplugs arrive as tiny little aluminum parts with a bag of memory foam tips in 3 different sizes. I settled on the medium tips and gave ‘em a whirl that night.


Not only did they fit comfortably without hurting my ears, they stayed in my ears until I removed them. Sleeep earplugs are small, and I worried about pushing them too far into my ears, but that wasn't an issue, and they’re easy to grab and remove.

I share my bedroom with a parrot, and sometimes she gets mouthy at night, chirping out loud for no reason or making clicking noises. Either she stopped making noises completely in the last two weeks, or these earplugs block those annoying (but sometimes cute) parrot sounds! The best part was I still heard my alarm in the morning.


I’m happy with the Sleeep earplugs! They’re my new favourites, and I just noticed today that replacement memory foam tips are available on their website for $25 CDN. If I can go a while until I need my first set of replacements, I’ll be really happy.

Flare Audio Sleeep Earplugs can be found here:


This review is my own. I am not being paid by Flare Audio to promote their product. I paid full price for them for my own use, and at the time of this review, I highly recommend them. If you choose to buy Sleeep earplugs based on my recommendation and hate them, please don’t feel the need to email me to tell me you hate them (like the pillow guy did), just return the product within 30 days and happily move on with your life.

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