Shocking Insomnia Stats!

Today, March 10th is INSOMNIA AWARENESS DAY! I'm here as an Insomnia + Stress Management Coach, as well as a passionate sleep advocate to make sure my followers, my listeners, my readers, and my tribe understand just how serious and debilitating insomnia is.

  • More than 30% of the population suffers from insomnia.

  • One in three people suffer from some form of insomnia during their lifetime.

  • More than half of Americans lose sleep due to stress and/or anxiety.

  • Between 40% and 60% of people over the age of 60 suffer from insomnia.

  • Women are up to twice as likely to suffer from insomnia than men.

  • Approximately 35% of insomniacs have a family history of insomnia.

  • 90% of people who suffer from depression also experience insomnia.

  • Approximately 10 million people in the U.S. use prescription sleep aids.

  • People who suffer from sleep deprivation are 27% more likely to become overweight or obese. There is also a link between weight gain and sleep apnea.

  • A National Sleep Foundation Poll shows that 60% of people have driven while feeling sleepy (and 37% admit to having fallen asleep at the wheel) in the past year. (Source:


• Fatigue • Inability to focus or concentrate • Poor memory • Mood disturbance • Daytime sleepiness • Low motivation or energy • Increased errors or accidents


People today sleep 20% less than they did 100 years ago. We can find many reasons for this, including the increase in the hours people work, the uprising of financial stress, and the celebration of "busyness" in our society, to name a few.


If you are experiencing the symptoms of insomnia, or sleep issues in general, please consult a trusted medical professional before doing anything else! Insomnia can often be a sign that something else in your life or body needs attention. Reach out to the people in your life for support, know that you are not alone, and that there IS hope.

Please feel free to wander around my website for my many free sleep resources! Read through this blog, and follow me on Instagram, where I post daily. My insomnia podcast is bite-size episodes full of information that can help reduce bedtime anxiety and make sleep an enjoyable process.

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