Finding Calm During Your Busy Daily Routine

I’m a big fan of little pleasant breaks throughout the day. Finding moments when I can pause, be alone, or go inward. I guess it really is a matter of little moments of self-care pauses during my regular routine.


- I arrive 10-15 minutes earlier than everyone else so I can sit and enjoy a moment of quiet before the busy-ness of the day.

- I carry headphones in my purse so I can listen to music or an audiobook when I’m in a hectic public place. If I’m sitting in a busy waiting room, or packed into a small space with strangers, I find it soothing to go inward and listen to something enjoyable.

- Some days, I stop for my favorite latte on the way to my next appointment. I drink it slowly and make yummy noises. To myself, obviously.

- I carry my current crochet project in my car so I can fit in some craft time any chance I get. The same could be done with a book. When you have a few moments of quiet throughout your day, take those moments to read instead of mindlessly scrolling through your phone.

- I only drink tea from one of my favourite mugs. It’s like a treat for me.

- I stop and breathe and tell myself to slow down. Especially in traffic or in line at Walmart. It’s okay to be still for a few minutes while you wait for someone else.

It really is about paying attention to the little things and finding moments whenever you can get them.

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