100 Nights on an Endy (My Very Honest Mattress Review)

I had heard about Endy a few years before their mattress so perfectly graced my bed frame. My courtship with the company started when I bought their pillow and wrote a review about it. The review included a corny Notting Hill reference and ended up being my very first (and still remains my most popular) blog post.

You see, I’m naturally attracted to Canadian-made things. I was born and raised in Canada. Poutine is one of my favourite foods I can buy out of a decorative truck on Canada Day. All of my favourite clothes were made by Canadian designers. And I do love Shania Twain. So, deciding on a Canadian-made mattress was an easy choice for me.

After learning the importance of eco-healthy furniture from a podcast guest, I did a little research into the memory foam Endy uses in their mattress. Having a “CertiPUR-US” stamp on a product means the foam used has been certified by a third party. This should matter to you because it confirms that the foams Endy use in their product meets the CertiPUR-US standards for indoor air quality and are made without ozone depleters, flame retardants, formaldehyde, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals.


When I opened the vacuum-sealed bag the mattress was packaged in, there was no new bed smell, but let’s step back for a moment to discuss the moments after Endy landed conveniently on my doorstep.

The mattress-in-a-box packaging doesn’t share any resemblance to that of a typical mattress. There’s no one shouting PIVOT repeatedly as four people scrape paint off the walls dragging this mattress up the stairs. You simply pick up the Endy box and carry it to your bedroom.

The unboxing situation was incredibly uncomplicated. When Endy is removed from its hockey-bag-sized box, it’s been compressed and rolled into a vacuum sealed wrap. I was so excited to cut open the plastic and unfold my new mattress that I missed the handy cutter Endy has attached to the inside of their box. It would have been way easier (and safer) than the rusty box cutter I was waving around for a good five minutes, but I won’t waste your time dwelling on the mistakes of my past. (Just dropping a mental note here to confirm later that I’m up-to-date on my tetanus shots.)


My first night sleeping on my new Endy Mattress wasn’t life-changing, to be honest. I had grown so used to my 15-year-old mattress with the squeaky coils, very little support, and a body-sized dent that it was strange spending a night not rolling into the center of the bed every time I coughed.

During that first week with my new mattress, I intentionally dodged questions from friends and family. “How are you enjoying your new mattress?” They would ask. “Um…it’s...fine.” I would respond, sometimes going on to explain my disappointment while stretching my achy body parts.

“Give it a few nights.” My Endy Mattress owning friends would reply. “You’ll get used to it.”

It was a conversation with a friend over lunch that changed everything for me.

“Foam mattresses take time to break-in.” She told me while biting into a veggie burrito. “It can take a few weeks to a few months for the mattress to adapt to its full shape.”

This is the scene in the movie when the record player needle scratches, the music stops suddenly, and someone on the other side of the restaurant drops a fork on the floor. If I can indulge in two more cheesy movie cliches, this is also when the heavens open and a single tear rolls down my cheek. A true epiphany moment.


I had spent several nights thinking Endy was too firm for me, and wondering how this self-proclaimed sleep-lover and napping expert was going to explain to her social media followers that she was sleeping on a mattress she didn’t love, but this is the part where I will type in all caps, THANK GOODNESS FOR THE 100-NIGHT TRIAL because it all went pleasantly uphill from there!

I have to admit, it took about a month for me to love my Endy. The mattress and I both had some breaking-in to do, and now I’m waking up every morning with no aches and pains. I fall into bed at night, cuddle into my new mattress and let out my signature “happy sigh.” I take afternoon naps in my bed, under the covers, because my bed is the most comfortable place to rest, day or night. I used to go to bed freezing and wake up balmy at some point during the night, and now I stay one consistent temperature until morning. (For a woman in her forties to not wake up in a pool of her own sweat is a miracle in itself. I am approaching “the change” after all.)

A supportive, comfortable mattress is the true foundation of a good night’s sleep and healthy sleep hygiene. You can diffuse all the lavender currently growing in the Mediterranean and spend hours meditating in a tub of magnesium, but if you’re sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress, you’re squandering your precious time and dollars.

If you’re ready to start your 100-night trial and revolutionize your sleep, visit Endy at www.endy.com and use my coupon code SLEEPCOACH50 to save $50 off any size mattress.

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