Can You Manifest Better Sleep?

Finish this sentence for me: If you have nothing nice to say…

Don’t say anything at all. You’ve likely heard this saying several times throughout your life. It’s popular for a reason. Our words affect our beliefs and our actions and in turn our lives.

I believe that our words and thoughts about sleep have a profound effect on our sleep.

Let’s start by talking about manifestation: Manifestation refers to various self-help strategies intended to bring about a personal goal, primarily by focusing one's thoughts upon the desired outcome.

I’ve struggled with the concept of manifestation for a while because while I believe in being positive to attract good things into our lives, I also believe that positive thoughts alone make it very difficult to achieve a goal. There needs to be an equal combination of positive thought and positive action, and that’s the part that isn’t mentioned as often, probably because it’s not as glamorous.

You can say, “I will have a great sleep tonight” and do a whole list of things poorly, and not have a great sleep. Sadly, just saying it will be great, and believing it will be great, without the positive action doesn’t make it great. There are a few other factors at play here. Like... science.

I also think the opposite is true. It’s a lot harder to have a great sleep if you’re paying attention to healthy habits without pairing them with positive thoughts and beliefs. If you’re approaching sleep negatively in your thoughts and your words, you’re sabotaging your effort. It’s like your mouth is saying one thing and your body is doing the opposite.

If you’re struggling with sleep, it’s natural that you won’t talk about it as though it’s amazing. But your words and beliefs about your sleep have an affect on the way you’ll approach it the next time you get into bed. If you’re expecting it, you’re looking for it.

I do believe that by learning to love sleep before I had all the habits down, I was improving my sleep. Looking forward to going to bed and enjoying my time in bed made my sleep better before it was great. Going into anything believing it’s going to be good changes your experience because you’re choosing to pay attention to the good.

So, to answer the question, “Can you manifest better sleep?” Sure! If you’re putting in the effort to go along with it. Change your thoughts and words and see how it affects your sleep, or at the very least, your time awake.

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