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If you’re looking to prioritize sleep and self-care without compromising your already busy schedule,

I'm your girl!

If you’re like most women, you want to make rest a priority, but you can’t turn off your busy mind when your head finally hits the pillow.

You’ve done everything right when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, and you pay attention to sleep hygiene. (You've even made your own lavender pillow spray!) But when it comes to waking up feeling ready to face the day… Well, let’s just say you just feel like crawling back into bed.

Even if you did fall asleep and manage to stay asleep all night, you know it would be a fluke, because when does sleep ever feel like anything but a struggle?

It can be easier, and I can help.

The people in my life would describe me as always up for a dance party,

but also the first one most likely ready for bed.


Hi there. I'm Beth.

I help women experience safe and natural relief from insomnia symptoms while prioritizing sleep as the ultimate act of self-care.

About 5 years ago, you would have found me in my dark bedroom, working on a creative project into the wee hours of the morning. I thought I was a night owl getting a few quality hours of work in, but I was really just avoiding the inevitable. When I did finally fall into bed, I would spend hours lying there, wide awake, no matter how exhausted I actually was. My mind would race with so many things and as the sun was rising, I was dragging myself out of bed, longing for my first nap. And then my next nap.  

After years of being trapped in a cycle of insomnia, sleep-deprivation, and fantasizing about where I would fall asleep if given the chance, something changed. I found an online certification course in sleep coaching, and I took it to improve my own sleep, not even thinking of it as a career. After improving my own sleep and getting rid of my insomnia symptoms, I became passionate about helping others do the same. It was shocking how few people were talking about sleep in the online wellness space.


Sleep wasn’t trendy when I started my business in 2017.


After being offered a book deal by a New York publisher who found me on Instagram, The Calm & Cozy Book of Sleep was published in August 2020. It has since been labelled by reviewers as "the most helpful book I've ever read, a glorious guide to better sleep, and life-changing within the first 30 pages," amongst other 4 and 5-star reviews.

Today, I help women make sleep a priority without having to dedicate hours of their lives to self-care & evening routines. 

I believe it’s possible to ease bedtime anxiety and calm racing thoughts while making peace with rest, all without having to pop a nightly pill or compromise your healthy lifestyle.

sound good?


My free 15-minute in-bed meditation can help you relax,

so you can ease racing thoughts and fall asleep.

Download the meditation HERE.

The Calm & Cozy Podcast is full of sleep tips, advice,

guest expert interviews, and more of my own journey overcoming insomnia.

Listen in your favourite podcast app or HERE.

I have a book called, The Calm & Cozy Book of Sleep,

and my grandma called it the best book she’s ever read!
(Okay, she might be a little biased, but strangers have also

called it helpful and beautiful.)

Find my book on Amazon, or HERE.

If you’re looking to dive into an insomnia program,

I’ve got an e-course and membership site called

Freedom From Insomnia and it's launching this fall!

Get on the waiting list OVER HERE.


If you’re still here, you should probably know that I’m an annoyingly creative, multi-passionate person who can do many artsy things well. I have worked as a muralist, furniture painter/up-cycler, and a colour consultant. 


I always have a big crochet project on the go (right now it’s a blanket) and although I’m a people person, I’m also hopelessly introverted. I will choose to work on my laptop at home in my cozy pants over attending a crowded house party any day. (Even if that party has cheesecake. I know!) 

I’m a happily childfree sort-of-step mom to three of my favourite adults, a dog mom of an adorable four-year-old chocolate lab named Bo, and a scrappy partner to Jake, the most entertaining person to watch superhero movies and eat popcorn with. 

Follow my adventures on Instagram @sleepcoachbeth

"Get your sleep, friend.
The world needs you
at your best."