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Hi there! I'm

I'm annoyingly creative, painfully introverted but great with people, and hopelessly multi-passionate. I get the most joy out of creative projects that let me express myself, and I love making handmade gifts for the people I love. I'm the "crochet hat girl" in my family, but lately, I've been making myself cozy sweaters.

I am an Insomnia & Self-Care Coach. I'm also a social media influencer, podcaster, blogger, and author. I am certified in sleep sciences, life coaching, and meditation & mindfulness. My new book, The Calm & Cozy Book of Sleep came out on August 4th, and I can't wait for you to read it!

The CALM+COZY Podcast is by far my favorite ongoing creative project. I love being able to tell my story while educating listeners on achieving the healthiest, most natural sleep possible. One reviewer called me her "sleep fairy godmother" which is a title I accept with pride.

As a former insomniac, I know what it's like to lie in bed, completely exhausted but unable to fall asleep. My mind has spent too many hours racing when it should have been resting, and it affected my everyday life and my health for years. When I finally found relief from my bedtime anxiety I became passionate about helping others do the same.